Thursday, December 13, 2007


I finally worked up the cash (and time) to get everything done. Here's some of the characters that I have registered copyrights for. I've been pretty busy between SMOG and work and Christmas and trying to get in touch with recruiters (My mother met a very nice lady at a fashion seminar who has been incredibly helpful), so I'm really glad I got this done!

You got: FREAKEN SWEET PICTURE ::MMX victory pose::


Edward said...

right on man! I'm likin that you're gettin things done! Keep fuelin the fire! Set that artistic roof on fire! PS...if you ever wanna collab--hit me up--let me know! My hand can't seem to stop drawing and my mind can't stop racing with monsters, dragons, and...who knows what else!

Rios Studios said...

hey man. i like your stuff. your a good animator =)