Sunday, April 27, 2008


Sorry for being away for so long but there was a stint where I was working six days a week, but that's over for the moment. Now in addition to my night job I sell portraits for Kaman's Art Shoppes at Downtown Disney! So, if you want one done come down Tuesday through Thursday!

This started out as a doodle, then something slightly more thoughtful, and then full color. I like the sketchyness (sketchiness?) of it, but I always like that sort of thing. He was an old DnD character I created that's been brought back from the annals of time, he goes by the name Ixion, he's got the whole wandering fantastical ronin thing covered, and yes I realize that he's not a scimitar-horned unicorn summon from Final Fantasy.

Geek, geek, geek, geek, geek.

I heard my old life studies painting teacher is retiring. I gotta draw a caricature for him and go to his retirement ceremony!

Thems the breaks,

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