Sunday, May 18, 2008

Captain Jack Sparrow!

Here's something I did at the portrait stand last week. The colors are better in person, but I do think that's what I need improvement on most in the medium. It was done with pastels. You can see my work station in this one.

I did another one the week before but it was super cartoony. Even this one has that anime flair that I have engrained in my soul, but its quite a leap from the first. Here's to the next one being photorealistic!

I can't believe how hot its been outside all of a sudden! Jeez!


Tal Moscovici said...

Ewwww, art really is scary sometimes; ha, ha, ha, just kidding man... Or am I?

Pastels are tough to work with. I think you did pretty well all considering. I'm surprised the colors didn't just melt off with that heat a couple of days ago. Good to see you're still out there in the trenches.

Keep fightin' the good fight my friend.

Jared M. Boone said...

I know, it doesn't help that the colors are really washed out in the picture. I'll try not to use my cell phone camera next time.

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